Concerned Hunters Animal Management Association

Our goal is to help all leaseholders and landowners  effectively game manage their land,  foster cooperation between  public and private game management,  improve and maintain the quality and quantity of the Texas whitetail deer population, and preserve this  treasure for future generations of hunters.

CHAMA  Goals

Promote cooperative game management practices across Texas by:

Educating the general public about game management practices, goals, and benefits

Providing landowners and leaseholders with online   game management  resources and tools to optimize land usage.

Providing a forum for online discussion of game management practices and issues

Lobby for tax incentives for  game management

Experiment with innovative game management practices

Work with manufacturers to get discounts for CHAMA members to support enhanced game management

Increase hunting revenues to encourage game management by promoting Texas hunting.


  . Be safe, take a kid hunting and thanks for caring!

Did you know? ... high rainfall totals in April and May support high antler growth by producing more of the essential forbs - the deer's preferred food source!!! Conversely, low rainfall (less than 4 ") can put the deer under significant stress!!! 

CHAMA, in a joint project with  Texas Sportsmen's Junction, seeks ranches in Texas to participate in game survey research and receive the benefits of a free game management consultation. We are continually working for you - the hunters and landowners who make Texas hunting the greatest sport hunting in the world! If you would like more information on or to participate in our free game management program, please contact us at:



Free for all Texas residents


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