Fishing Diary

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Fishing Diary..........December 31, 2001

    Gee whiz has it been this long since I went fishing? Obviously my priorities are all screwed up! I bought a license and didn't even use it! One of my new year's resolutions will be to get out on the lake at the earliest possible opportunity. The first chance I'll have will be the trout stocking TPWD does this time of year.

Fishing Diary..........June 6, 2000

    Thomas and I went to Lake Weatherford early in the morning (well, it was early for us). Picked up some minnows and nightcrawlers at the bait shop on 377 and bank fished the East side of the lake near the dam.

    Thomas caught the first fish, I caught the last one. Between us we caught ten fish, all catch and release, I caught 4 monster (LOL) perch and a huge (approx. 4") crappie. Thomas caught 2 nice crappie (over 12"), a carp (about three lbs.) and two big perch.

    We were sitting on the tailgate of the truck when Thomas' brand new $90 fishing pole leapt off the bank and into the lake, immediately followed by Thomas, who was lucky and got his rig back and caught the fish.


Fishing Diary..........April 18, 2000

    I went fishing with the kids on the Brazos River  under the Dennis Bridge (see November 13). The kids were bottom fishing for catfish with shrimp. Got there about 8:00 AM. Could see fish top feeding all over the place. Tried several flies and bass bugs to no avail. 

    About 10:30AM Kirk caught the only fish of the day, about a one pound catfish he hooked in the whisker. After we flopped it back in the river, you could see fish swimming by just a few inches under the surface. And I thought fish trembled at the sound of my name. Another typical day fishing, lots of bites and lost gear, but no fish. Will try again soon before it gets hot enough the bugs carry me away .

Fishing Diary..........April 5, 2000

    I went back to Lake Weatherford  to try those crappie again, and being a very big believer in the power of positive thinking, I took 3 dozen minnows along.  Got there about 8:00 AM. One guy was fishing further up the bank, and another car with no one in sight was north of me.

    Threw my line out in some deep water, bottom fishing with minnows. Got two really good strikes that took my bait and my gear off the end of my line (I didn't know about the  sharks in Lake Weatherford). 

    Then the people in the abandoned car parked nearby started waking up. First I saw one head, that finally got out of the car and headed for the port a potty. Then another head was in the car, this one didn't get out. Finally she got back and they left. Man, I wish I could still have so much fun I wake up at the lake.

    But back to fishing, I finally caught the monster that took my bait and line earlier. I thought I had caught a turtle, had to play him for a couple of minutes to land him. The biggest crappie I ever caught. 18" long, 3.3 lbs, he is now in my freezer awaiting suppertime.

    And that was all I caught all day. I think I'll find a new crappie hole next time. The quality of the crappie is excellent, but I want to work on the quantity.  

Fishing Diary..........March 26, 2000

    I went fishing for crappie at Lake Weatherford.  I went by Mamma's Bait & Tackle on highway 180, bought a dozen minnows and some worms, and away I went. Went out Lake Shore drive and hung a right at the stop sign, went past the dam and drove down into the public fishing area on the east side of the lake. 

    The weather was sunny and windy, it had rained the night before.   I got there about ten am. I hate to get started so late but it couldn't be helped. Just me and one other guy down there, and he was picking up aluminum cans. (quite a popular pastime apparently, another car came along picking up cans behind him). 

    Citizens of Weatherford, have no fear about littering at your lake! These two industrious citizens I met (one guy gave me a crawfish for bait) are cleaning up after the Saturday night teenage drinking parties at Lake Weatherford.

    I put out one line with a minnow, one with a worm. While I was waiting for a bite everybody in Weatherford showed up. Some people even pulled up in a boat and started fishing right offshore from where my line was. Hah! I showed them. I got a bite (on my minnow) and hauled in a quite feisty 12" crappie. This pissed everyone else off and they left. Life is good.

    I continued for a couple of more hours but no action. I must have caught the last fish of the morning. So I called it a day and headed home.     

Fishing Diary..........January 6, 2000

    I went fishing in the lake at Andrew Brown City Park in Coppell . Go east (or west, depending on where you start from) on 635 (LBJ Freeway) and exit  north on Beltline. At some point Beltline turns into Denton Tap Road, but that doesn't matter. Keep going and turn right (east) on Parkway (just past  Eckerd's). Go to stop sign, then look on left for Andrew Brown Park East.

      The hatchery truck put the fish in about 11:00AM (Texas trout stocking schedule). When I got there 20 or so fisherman were plying the waters with their lines. Very little action, but a beautiful day, 68F, no wind. 

    I cast out using my secret trout bait,  but no luck, not even a nibble. Fished for about an hour and went to lunch.

    Went back about three, about 40 fishermen there, still very little (like none at all) action.  I cast out using my secret trout bait, and almost immediately started getting bites. Got the first one on the line and was reeling him in and lost him. Continued to get bites but didn't hook another. Going back and try this again.

Fishing Diary..........December 26, 1999

    I went fishing on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Dam in Palo Pinto, Texas.

    I drove west on Highway 180 from Palo Pinto to Highway 16 North. Drove across river and parked on the east side.

    Too many people fishing at the bridge, so I took my gear and hiked towards the dam. Rough going on the floodplain there, fell down twice, got up twice, third time I fell down I rigged my line up and fished from there.

    The river was really low. Had to add extra weight to get my line out far enough a fish might wander by.  Finally got a line out in the river with a shrimp on it.

    Saw a couple of people fly fishing for trout, but it was too windy for a novice fly fisherman (that would be me) to cast. Another problem was all the brush along the banks, no room for a back cast. The fly fisherman I saw were standing in the river, which gave them room for a back cast.  I'm too clumsy (loose feet you know) to go wading in the river this time of year (can you say hypothermia?), so I left my fly rod in the truck.  I really wanted to fly fish because I just picked up some new trout flies at the post office I ordered from the Streamside Angler (fly fish).

    I got no results from the shrimp, so I reeled in and put a chicken liver on and cast again. As soon as my line settled I started getting bites but could not hook him. After the line stopped moving I reeled in, no bait. Hung another liver on and cast out, but that was all the action for the day. I didn't see anyone else reeling any fish in. It was a slow day on the river.     

Fishing Diary.........November 13, 1999

    I went  fishing  on the Brazos in Dennis Texas. Under the "Dennis Bridge".  Go out Interstate 20 to Dennis Road and go south ( You can't go North anyway - might as well ) . Drive to the bridge and turn left on the North side onto a road that leads down and under the bridge. Park on the west side of the bridge to the left or right of the road. 

     For the more adventuresome continue on down the road and head out on the sandbar ( not recommended without 4 wheel drive ) .  It's a huge sandbar - been there as long as anyone can remember - about the size of a football field.

    The Brazos takes a curve around the sandbar and there's a deep channel about 30' deep. Opposite the sandbar on the far bank are limestone cliffs. Used  to could drive under the south side of the bridge, didn't try it today but  still looks do able.

    Started out bottom fishing with chicken livers and shrimp on alternate lines. Lot's of bites, caught several small bass nothing big enough to keep. Bigger fish kept rising under bridge ran spinners and flies by them to no avail.  The action slacked off about 10:00 AM and I packed up and got out of there.

    Going to go back and fish at night. Think it would be a good spot to spend the night with several lines and a toasty campfire.

 Fishing Diary........ November 6, 1999

     I headed out Highway 180 west to Gordon, turned north on Park Road 33 and drove 17 miles to   Possum Kingdom State Park.  The park is built around 3 legs of the lake. There's a boat ramp, marina, camp and bait store and about 100 campsites. A lot of the campsites are really nice and right on the waters edge. I  recommend   #94. There's tent and RV camping and cabins ( a few ). $3.00 for a day pass.

    I started fishing the middle leg of the lake. When you get to the first fork in the main road in, turn right and there's a parking spot on the left not too far up.  Don't  park on the grass unless you want to chat with a park ranger. 

    Saw fish rising as I came to the water's edge. Started with a yellow spinner and worked deep end to shallow along the shore. No response, switched to a silver spoon and worked the shoreline again.  No luck.

    Plan B: Put a worm on a hook with lead, bobber, and 6 feet of depth. Cast to the north end and let it drift with the breeze while I rigged up my fly rod.  Worked up the shore, tried a different pattern, hit a shady spot and caught a small bass ( about 6 inches ). No more strikes that day and went home with my worm still on the hook. Another successful day fishing but at least I got out of the house ( my wife would've made me go shopping so I actually saved money fishing ) and I didn't lose any gear.    

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