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Gun Control #2                                            4/26/2000

    April 20 has become national gun control day for some reason. The Columbine high school shootings happened on that day, so the media and the gun control lobby have fixated on this as a symbol of the "danger" guns pose to our society, even though more gun control laws would not have prevented the incident. 

    In Canada, on April 20th, 2000, a student stabbed six classmates. A copycat crime, except without the guns. The gun control lobby is strangely silent on this one. It doesn't really help their case.  So I suppose we better start registering and imposing tighter controls on the use of knives! 

    Guns are not the problem. The people who use them to commit crimes are the problem. It's so much easier to blame the guns than solve the real problems of poverty, racism, drug abuse, etc. If every gun in America disappeared tomorrow, the violence and all the problems that cause it would still be in place.

    What is wrong with people? What kind of parents would raise their children in such a manner that they think shooting people at  school is an acceptable answer! If the people who run the schools and the parents would do their job right, none of this would have ever happened.

    I remember high school too. I understand the frustrations and degradations that drove the Columbine killers to do this. I remember being picked on, being made fun of, having bullies steal my lunch money, I hated high school and all the creeps that took advantage of me. There's no mystery as to why the Columbine killers targeted the athletes at their school. They are usually the ones who take advantage of the weaker children. I certainly had my share of it in high school. I quit school rather than take up the gun.

    Let people look in the mirror and get control of their children, then the violence will cease! 

 One Turkey hunt - coming up!                    3/17/2000

    Spring turkey hunting season is upon us. April 1st  the season opens and everyone is trying to find some place to hunt. Ideally, you've  got a year round lease with turkey you can hunt. If you're like the rest of us (myself included), you can check out the leases and day hunts available on Lease and Day Hunt page.

    We don't usually do this, but we're listing spring turkey hunts and deer leases free this year. Yes that's right, gratis, nada, no charge! If you're a landowner and would like to list your hunt or available lease click here.

    Take your fishing gear along (see crappie biting) and maybe you can kill two birds with one stone (LOL). (I apologize for that, I just couldn't resist - much groaning heard in office). 

    If you need some gear, check out our hunting links or the Spring turkey hunt page

    It's going to be warm, (April, Texas, 90 if we're lucky) so bring plenty of bug repellent.  Maybe camo shorts aren't such a silly idea after all. 

    As usual, it's gobblers only, so check it out before you start blasting with your shotgun. 

    Good luck and good hunting!


Crappie Season is upon us                        2/23/2000

    Reports are coming in from all over that the crappie have started biting. The annual spawning and the feeding frenzy that accompanies it are here at last. This is some of the best fishing of the year in Texas. The weather is still cool enough to make the outdoors enjoyable.

    Don't wait, grab your minnow bucket, get some small minnows and head out to the lakes while it's happening. I've fished when you couldn't bait the hook fast enough to reel them in. In the olden days ( back when dinosaurs ruled the earth ), we used a cane pole with a two hook rigging and would pull out two at a time as often as not. The big ones my dad called "barn door" crappie, cause they were big as a barn door.

    The lakes are really low, which can be good and bad. You may have access to some holes you couldn't hit from the shoreline, but don't get caught in the mud. The spawning has started early this year because of the mild winter.

    I like using  ultralight tackle with 4 lb line to add some excitement (as if catching fish isn't exciting enough). Try some jigs if you don't have a minnow bucket.

    So get your bucket, get out to the lake, and catch a mess of crappie. 


How to lure hogs (the wild kind)                2/17/2000

    O K, we've had requests on how to lure wild hogs to shoot, to trap, etc. I've never had a hard time finding them, especially after tearing up my deer feeder (use pig panels for fencing I learned the hard way.

    So after consulting with our on staff expert hog hunters here's what we came up with.

    Hogs like a wet area to wallow in. (really? no s...?). They will usually stay in the same area as long as the food supply is not depleted. One recipe some old farts have had luck with is a mixture of water, sugar,  maize and corn (any grain will do  but this is the recommended mix). Mix  thoroughly and store in a vented container for a three to four days or until the mixture sours.    

    Go to the area where you know the hogs are running, preferably their wallow area. Dig a hole about a foot deep and pour in the bait. Cover it up, pour corn and/or range cubes over the top wait for results, check back each day until you see evidence the hogs have found it. Reapply the bait every two weeks.

A reader wrote:

    I make my own wine and I have found the mash makes an excellent attract.  In the last 14 years I have kill well over 500 hogs.  I have my own special way of cleaning hogs (with help from a friend of mine we have butchered +200lb hogs as quick as 12 minutes).  I have done hogs this size and larger in as quick as 15 minutes by myself.  I have a series of photo's showing the process and will make a video possibly this weekend if I am lucky enough to make a kill.  Most of the hogs I kill are large boars and I do not hunt with dogs  (I do trap however).  Anyone who says a big boars meat stinks and is not fit to eat doesn't know how to clean the hog or handle the meat.  I have plenty of pictures of other hogs. Visit his website at http://www.texfly.com/~etoepfer/

   If you have your own recipe or would like to contribute your ideas to this article, please!, hogs@texas-hunt-fish-camp.com

    Good luck and good hunting!

Spring camping season upon us!            2/13/2000

    Spring camping season is upon us. Now is the time to get out of the house and go to the woods before the hordes of summer descend upon the parks. Call in sick, use your vacation days, quit your job and resolve to lead a more reflective life, do whatever it takes and get away.  

    The days are warm, the nights are chilly enough to warrant a fire, the fishing is good, what more could you want? New camping gear would be good! Why, yes, I have that. New tent, new sleeping bag, new cook stove, new lantern, all for Christmas (hmmm... do you think my wife is trying to tell me something?) 

    Here's a few camping tips to make life easier out in the woods.

May your campfire be easy to light, see you in the woods! 

Get kids involved in fishing                       2/9/2000         

    What are your kids doing right now? Surfing the Internet? Out somewhere? You don't know exactly where they are?         

    Why not take them fishing? Make time, what's more important than your family? Nothing, of course, get off your butt and take them fishing. It's cheap fun and makes the kind of memories ( and kids ) that you will be proud of in years to come. Some of my best memories involve my Dad and me, my son and me, fishing. 

    There's going to be a kid's fishing day at  Lake Mineral Wells State Park  June 3, 2000. The kids pay no fees, need no license or permits. All you'll be out is some worms ( or minnows, if you want to get fancy). It's a Saturday, hopefully you'll be off, now you have no excuse.   

    See you there!



Gun Control Editorial                               2/7/2000

    President Clinton is calling for more vigorous enforcement ( more money) to support the war on guns. Stepped up inspection (harassment) of dealers with 10 or more guns sold there involved with crimes. Does that mean ......(name of major retailer removed on advice of lawyer) is in trouble? Probably more guns are sold at ......(name of major retailer removed on advice of lawyer) than anywhere else in the country, it's hard to believe some of those guns aren't involved in crimes. 

    Are Clinton and the gun control crowd  targeting pawn shop brokers in the inner city? If so, I think the neighborhood and the people who live there are more to blame than the pawnbrokers and gun dealers. But this is all back to the gun control lobby's blaming guns for the violence. It's easier to blame the guns (and the legitimate business' that sell them) than solve America's real problems like poverty, drug use, exploitation of the children and the poor by  alcohol and tobacco companies, creating job opportunities for everyone, our crappy school system,  domestic violence, etc., etc., etc.  

    The time to act  is now! Support the NRA, write or email your congressman, let them know how you feel, before we all have to start burying our guns and ammo in the backyard to keep the feds from taking them.

Like to contribute your opinion to the debate? Click here. 

Here's one response from a friend in Australia:

    We have had exactly the same problems here in Australia  with  ignorant do gooders who do not realize that 99% of gun owners are sensible, law abiding citizens, who mainly belong to clubs and who teach a sensible and safe approach to fire arms . The  complainers  should see how clubs operate before casting  their un thought  out opinions first. Because of all our  debates we are financially losing our sporting Disciplines , Our Death knell  is sounding out.  We also realize guns are not dangerous   Its the few instances of "THE NUT BEHIND THE BOLT"  that causes people to hit the panic button.

Lance - Australia

To help fight stricter gun controls sign the online petition against gun control at Armed Informed Mothers

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