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How to lure hogs (the wild kind)                2/17/2000

    O K, we've had requests on how to lure wild hogs to shoot, to trap, etc. I've never had a hard time finding them, especially after tearing up my deer feeder (use pig panels for fencing I learned the hard way.

    So after consulting with our on staff expert hog hunters here's what we came up with.

    Hogs like a wet area to wallow in ( really? ). They will usually stay in the same area as long as the food supply is not depleted. One recipe some hunters have had luck with is a mixture of water, sugar,  maize and corn (any grain will do  but this is the recommended mix). Mix  thoroughly and store in a vented container for a three to four days or until the mixture sours.    

    Go to the area where you know the hogs are running, preferably their wallow area. Dig a hole about a foot deep and pour in the bait. Cover it up, pour corn and/or range cubes over the top wait for results, check back each day until you see evidence the hogs have found it. Reapply the bait every two weeks.

A reader wrote:

    I make my own wine and I have found the mash makes an excellent attract.  In the last 14 years I have kill well over 500 hogs.  I have my own special way of cleaning hogs (with help from a friend of mine we have butchered +200lb hogs as quick as 12 minutes).  I have done hogs this size and larger in as quick as 15 minutes by myself.  I have a series of photo's showing the process and will make a video possibly this weekend if I am lucky enough to make a kill.  Most of the hogs I kill are large boars and I do not hunt with dogs  (I do trap however).  Anyone who says a big boars meat stinks and is not fit to eat doesn't know how to clean the hog or handle the meat.  I have plenty of pictures of other hogs. Visit his website at http://www.texfly.com/~etoepfer/

 I would like to make request to have my son's photos added to your gallery. My son, Ernst Toepfer IV (we call him Chad), is 19 years old. This is a boar my son shot over bait weekend before last in George West, Texas. He killed it with one shot from a 30-06 using handloaded 168 gr BTHP's  that he loaded himself with my supervision. The boar was shot at 100 yds and tipped the scales at 300 lbs. He shot this boar and 3 peccary that afternoon from another blind at a distance of 250 yds using the same rifle (a Model 54 Winchester).

P.S.  I am glad I only gave him 5 bullets

Chad Toepfer and a 300lb. Hog

Click for larger view     Click for larger view     Click for larger view

Thanks to Ernst Toepfer

Hopper Chopper - Great for hog hunting!  Texas Sportsmen's Junction Hunting Products - Feeders, Blinds, Feeder Parts, Large capacity feeders, deer and hog feeders....

Testimonial from Texas Tommy:

    We have tried the hopper chopper in the field for the last couple of years and it is absolutely deadly for deer and hogs. If you have hogs on your lease and want to get rid of them this is the answer. The hogs will stay in the area around the hopper chopper and be there for every feeding. The smell of fresh (or rotten) chopped produce will bring them in for miles around. We have had the best results using pears and sweet potatoes in our hopper chopper.  It's also deadly for deer. The deer will walk right past corn feeders to eat at the hopper chopper first. 


  Texas Tommy

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