Buckshot RTV List price: $379.00

 Sale price: $369.00

The Buckshot RTV is well known at the toughest game-scouting camera on the market. Its strong solid steel waterproof housing makes it a perfect choice to use in bear country. The walk test will give you the security of knowing exactly where the detector is pointing so you'll catch that trophy buck when he's on that scrape or rub. The event counter will tell you how many pictures have been taken without ever opening the housing up. Because the strong steel housing comes with d-ring loops to install your own chain you won't need an optional chain guard. Only one flip up latch is all you'll need to operate to get to the camera, making film and battery changing a breeze. You even have room to store extra film or batteries inside this strong steel housing. A double throw tripping mechanism will make sure that you will not get any false triggers. The high quality glass lens 35 MM auto advance/rewind camera will stamp pictures with the date and time giving you vital information necessary to monitor those trophy bucks. The Buckshot RTV is a great choice when toughness is a strong consideration.

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