You'll throw your corn feeder away!

New for 2002!

See the Hopper Chopper at the gun show Oct.26-27, 2002 at Big Town Hall, Mesquite, Texas

A revolutionary patented design that's deadly for deer!

Hopper Chopper - the deadliest feeder on the marketThe Hopper Chopper slices and slings deer favorites like pears, apples, and sweet potatoes, drawing deer immediately with the smell of fresh cut produce. 

Easy to use: Just open the lid and drop in the treats deer like (apples, turnips, pears, potatoes, etc.) Mix them up or add separately, Hopper Chopper doesn't care! It will slice them up fresh and dispense them out the bottom to the ground.

Find out what your game likes best and keep them coming back for more!  An 80 lb. hopper holds enough for approximately 30 days (two 15 second feedings per day)   

    Easy to use - just drop in your game's favorite treat  Easy to load - just toss it in and replace the cover.

Great for hog hunting! If you have hogs on your place the Hopper Chopper will draw them in like wildfire.

Hopper Chopper comes with a solar panel that charges the internal 12V gel cell battery for maintenance free operation all season long!

Programmable digital timer puts you in the driver's seat and let's you control the operation of the Hopper Chopper. Timer comes preset from factory to feed twice daily (7:00AM/4:00PM) for 15 seconds each feeding. Choose from several different settings and feed times to suit your needs. 

Hopper Chopper comes with easy to assemble 6 ft. PVC legs.

Can be hung from a tree easily - just mount the leg brackets upside down!Can be suspended!

Deer love it!!!    One year manufacturer's warranty  

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